Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Adult Video Hardcore Chat

He laughed out load.

Mom knelt at my side and said, "Look here Chris, see what happens when you get a man a little bit excited," and grasped my cock in her hand and began a slow stroking motion. Her touch nearly brought me off and I fought desperately to maintain my composure. I gripped the edges of the lounge tightly and my cock grew even larger. Grinning, Mom said, "Here Chris, measure him now. I'll bet he is even larger than before.

Last summer I had quite a bit of romp with a friend of mine, later he went back to college and we didn't get to see each other often, and he seemed somewhat distant. I think he found someone else, but I'm not certain. Well, then I got hooked up with Matt. It took me some time to get in his pants, but it was definitively worth it.

'You read it out' Cassie said. It reads "Bravo big one. I knew you would succeed. Don't forget that a coin has two sides. Love. Your little one".

"Do you want to fuck her now?"

"Shit. Fuck you," she said. "And get out of here."

"No, no, she must not know about what happened, no one can know. I just thought that I would regret it if I lived in the same street as a stud and did nothing about it!" David was relieved.

After about five or ten minutes Ian wasn't out so I presumed he wasn't in the bathroom after all. I tried the door, which wasn't locked, and walked in to find Ian sitting on the edge of the bath, trousers around his ankles, wanking his seven inches over the picture of me with my legs open, it was a close-up, the cheeky bugger had put his zoom at maximum. When he saw me he went bright red, pulled his trousers up and ran out of the room. This turned me on even more and my pussy was dripping wet already. I decided to put my orange micro-bikini on for the start of the shoot, as it doesn't cover much and is easy to remove.

Foxy: When did this start?

By now you were beginning to understand my plan for getting you to experience orgasm after orgasm. You wondered if you could take additional nipple torture and butt paddling each time you came. That factor, and the original bet, definitely gave you incentive to avoid orgasms if possible. On the other hand, the thought of greater and greater intensity orgasms was exciting you beyond your initial exceptions. You wondered to yourself how long you would hold out each time before the idea of imminent pleasure made you give in to the machine.

Jason pulled her around so she was facing his feet, opening her pussy for his mouth to explore. He wrapped his arms around her thighs and pulled her to him, bathing her nether lips with his hot breath.

Amber readily agreed. The song started and Wanda slipped the negligee off quickly, faster than she did with any of the men. She also took the bra off quickly. As she strattled Amber's lap, she took the vib and slipped her hand in her thong. She pushed the vib inside her and smiled at the redhead. Then she started rubbing her pussy in Amber's lap, and her breasts on Amber's face.

He put the car into gear and waved.

"Sometimes, being friendly might look like flirting. But it wasn't."

"Put your feet on my shoulder and play with your cunt," Jim said.

You have the opportunity to get to know who each other are without your thoughts being clouded by what your flesh feels like. I have some pet peeves and if you would like to know a few I will tell you.”

He didn’t speak in the car, and I didn’t ask him anything. It occurred to me right as I walked into my apartment that I didn’t know his name, but that faded away when he came in after me, slammed the door shut, then slammed me against the wall and began to kiss me.

"I can tell," she gave me a little squeeze then she nibbled my ear and said softly "He put his thumb inside me, I nearly came," she squeezed me harder "does that turn you on?"

"Uh-huh," Megan nodded. Jill finally got a good look at her nude body. God, she was sexy. Her body was so tight Jill wanted to scream.

"Is that OK for you Mrs. Reynolds?" he asked.

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